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we help our customers understand and optimize the mobility of people and things

how do we do it ?

your goals are ours too, we trust our work and are committed to improve your performance



1. data analytics

get in-depth knowledge about your community’s mobility


through a detailed data analytics process, we help you understand how your community moves and why, and identify relevant optimization areas

2. product & service aggregator

mobility solutions that improve your commuting experience, budget and environmental impact


we guide you through our broad mobility product and service aggregator, in order to create a package of solutions to specifically suit your community’s commuting and logistics needs.

3. turn-key operation and monitoring 

let us manage your mobility operations

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we take care of everything related to the daily operation of your solutions, from maintenance to customer service and data monitoring so you can focus on your core business.

one-stop service

from personal mobility solutions to mass transit integration, everything at reach in a single platform; either with proprietary or third-party integrations, we will cover all requirements mobility-wise required by our customers

our portfolio is as dynamic as your business. Our solutions are constantly updated in order to count with state-of-the-art alternatives for the optimization of your KPIs



8 years have passed since our foundation, our experience with innovation, design, development and implementation of solutions for people, companies and public sector showcases our team and company as industry leaders with great impact in several cities, companies and thousands of people worldwide

Research is in our DNA, bringing our best understanding of new mobility solutions to the world is our passion; we lead with concrete and useful new developments, delivered by our star team which thinks ahead, deep into the future on a daily basis to work today on the requirements we will need as a society tomorrow.

our track record

they trust us



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